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Tiger Fighting, October 14 The French coach Deschamps deliberately talked about Bayern players, especially Koeman, when he attended the pre-match conference with Croatia.

10月14日,老虎格斗(Tiger Fighting),法国教练德尚(Deschamps)在参加克罗地亚的赛前会议时故意谈论拜仁球员,尤其是科曼。

"They won the Champions League at Bayern, no matter what a good thing, it is a reward for themselves and the team. For these French players, this is another heavy trophy. Players like Koeman have already collected Lots of championship trophies. This can motivate them to keep working hard, win more, and give them confidence."


"As for Kingsley, first of all, he is not a double-center player. He appears more in the 3-forward system. We will see his positioning in the national team. I think there are different ways of using him. Although he is more familiar Playing on the wing, but he can also make a difference. He also performed well in the center and was able to score goals. The Champions League final is the goal he scored after appearing in the center. He knows my attitude very well and he might start. May also appear as a substitute."


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