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After Roma took the lead twice and was equalized twice, and finally drew 2-2 at home with 10-man Juventus, their coach Paulo Fonseca said bluntly that he was not satisfied with the result.

在罗马两次领先并两次扳平比分,并最终以10人的尤文图斯在家中以2-2取胜之后,他们的教练Paulo Fonseca直言不讳地说他对结果不满意。

"I think we played a good game, but I am not satisfied with this result. We created opportunities and worked hard to win." Fonseca said.


"Zeko? I saw his focus, motivation and hard work for the team. We made some mistakes in front of goal, but he did a great job tonight."


"Roma only used two substitutions in the game? I feel that the team has always been in good shape in the game. We did not let Juventus create any real scoring opportunities. Our defense is very solid. Later I found out that Pellegri Ni has some fatigue, so I chose to replace him."


"We do have 5 places for substitutions, but I feel that the team has been playing well and there is no need to make adjustments. I asked Mkhitaryan, Pedro and Dzeko if they need to rest. They all said no. , So we don’t need to change."


"Dzeko was close to Juventus before? I fully believe in our club. Our chairman has just arrived. We often communicate. We are looking for the best solution for this team. The situation with Dzeko was previously understood by us. We talked about it. After that issue, they all agreed with the relevant actions taken by the club."

“ Dzeko之前已经接近尤文图斯了。我完全相信我们的俱乐部。我们的董事长刚刚到达。我们经常进行沟通。我们正在寻找这支球队的最佳解决方案。Dzeko的情况之前我们就了解过。我们谈论过在那件事之后,他们都同意俱乐部采取的有关行动。”

"Our three central defenders in this game are very young, but they all proved themselves. Mirante only made one save in the game, and our three central defenders are very focused."


"I am not satisfied with the result of the game, but I am satisfied with the performance, attitude and courage of our team."


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