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【yabo亚搏】泰达俱乐部人士用亮剑比喻保级战 鼓励队员拼对手

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   Article source: Tianjin Daily


   News from this newspaper (reporter Zhao Rui) Tianjin TEDA entered the Dalian competition area yesterday and entered the final sprint preparation today. Although the road to relegation faces great challenges, TEDA has made full preparations.


TEDA is the first team to arrive in the competition zone in the second stage of the Chinese Super League. This actually includes psychological adjustments. The sense of urgency of players outside the competition zone and inside the competition zone is different, and a moderate sense of urgency has a certain effect on the team entering the state. help. In terms of adjusting the state of the team, the head coach Wang Baoshan has something of his own. At this time, the advantage of the local coach can also be reflected.


   TEDA still needs to self-isolate for a period of time after entering the competition area, and can move freely after the test report is released. From the perspective of the living conditions in the Dalian competition area, it is not as spacious as the first stage of the Suzhou competition area, but for TEDA, who is not good at fighting in summer, the weather in Dalian is cool, which is more advantageous. In addition, in the previous stage of training, the coaching staff moved the monitoring equipment to the training site. Various data, especially running conditions, were directly presented via GPS in real time. The data showed that TEDA's physical condition has improved a lot. This set of equipment also came to Dalian with the vanguard troops, and the coaching staff can keep track of the physical conditions of the players at any time and provide scientific basis for training and competition.


   lost the internal teaching match with Shandong Luneng, but through actual combat Wang Baoshan further deepened his understanding of the combination of the lineup. The good performance of the sixth foreign aid Suarez has boosted the confidence of the team. There are still a few days before the first round of the game with Shenzhen Kaisa. It is too early to say that TEDA’s main lineup is too early, but which players enter the starting line and which players Standing by the sidelines, I believe Wang Baoshan has the answer in his mind. In the next few days, TEDA will focus on polishing the tactical details.




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