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【yabo亚搏】张培萌被妻子爆料出轨:深夜相约 被发现后再次家暴

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   On October 15, Zhang Mohan, the wife of Zhang Peimeng, a former Chinese track and field sprinter, published a thousand-character essay in which he accused Zhang Peimeng of domestic violence, and stated that he had formally filed a divorce lawsuit and was waiting for the court. In the original text, Zhang Mohan not only exposed evidence of Zhang Peimeng's domestic violence, but also broke the news that Zhang Peimeng had derailed.


In the article, Zhang Mohan wrote: "The reason why I chose not to bear it any longer is that I found out that he had an extramarital relationship with the opposite sex. I saw that the opposite sex called him affectionately on WeChat and asked him to avoid his wife for a late night meeting. , Of course, there are some restricted videos. Apart from what I saw with my own eyes and the contact information of individual women, I really have no other evidence. At that time, I tried to steal his mobile phone. Suffering from domestic violence again and reporting to the police and processing is over."


   Zhang Mohan also posted a screenshot of Zhang Peimeng's apology:


(New body)


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