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yabo亚搏|【观察】国米血洗升班马展示恐怖实力 高歌猛进誓挑战尤文霸权

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In the face of Inter Milan, who was running rampant on the road to the crown, Benevento, led by Inzaghi, was almost helpless and became the backdrop of a bloody massacre. On October 1, Beijing time, in the first round of Serie A make-up, Inter Milan's away 5-2 bloodbath Benevento, staged a massacre.


This season, Inter Milan is the favorite team to win the Serie A title, and Benevento is just a newly promoted team who has just rushed into Serie A. The difference in paper strength between the two teams quickly manifested on the pitch. Less than a minute after the start of the game, Lukaku penetrated Benevento's goal. After that, Gallardini blasted the goal and Lukaku scored another goal. Inter Milan quickly established a three-goal lead.


Although Benevento was saved by Caprari, he still could not stop the advance of Inter. In the end, the score of this game was fixed at 5-2, Inter Milan's away game to Benevento, and Inzaghi, who had just returned to coach in Serie A, was once again appalled.


Last weekend, they defeated Fiorentina 4-3, and now Benevento is 5-2. Two consecutive victories are hearty and heart-warming. Here, there is a question worthy of our discussion: Is Inter Milan the strongest in Serie A this season? Last season, Inter Milan acquired Lukaku and many other strong supporters, hired Conte, and built a very competitive team, transformed into Juventus's top competitor to defend the Serie A championship. The competition for the Serie A championship ultimately fell short. One point difference is below Juventus. So what now?


From a vertical perspective, Inter Milan's overall strength has risen steadily. In the summer transfer market, Inter Milan focused on acquiring strong aid such as Ashraf, Vidal and Kolarov. In just two games, everyone also saw the strength of the three players. Among them, Ashraf has fierce firepower on the right, passing and shooting in this game. As the core of the midfield, Vidal has already proved his strength in Juventus and Barcelona. What Kolarov brings to Inter Milan is more of his rich experience. Compared to last season, Inter's overall strength this season has improved a lot.


Horizontally, although Milan and Naples have undergone some reinforcements, they still have a significant gap with Inter, not to mention Rome, Lazio and Atlanta. The only one who can compete with Inter is only Juventus. However, what about Juventus this season? Despite the acquisition of Titans such as Artur, the overall strength of Juventus has not improved significantly. The important thing is that Pirlo, who has no experience in coaching, brings many variables to Juventus. In an away game against Rome, facing Fonseca, who is not a top coach, Pirlo's coaching ability gap was exposed and almost lost.


Back to the question "Is the Inter Milan lineup alone in Serie A?" After a season of running-in and adjustment, after a season of keeping a low profile, Inter Milan this season, if the overall strength does not exceed Juventus, at least Juventus has no absolute advantage against Inter. After Juventus dominated Serie A for nine consecutive seasons, Serie A this season may change. Inter Milan is likely to break the old order.


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