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There will be no video today, let’s just talk about it Charhanoglu today proved that he did not rely on Ibrahimovic to play a good game. In fact, if you carefully observe his previous games, you can find that his problem is not in his ability but in maintaining a very unstable state. If he can maintain his state steadily, he will naturally show strong competitiveness Compared with Ben Nasser next to Casey, Kathy is like a god. She has taken on all the responsibilities of offensive and defensive transformation and did a very good job. However, Ben Nasser feels very careless today. Losing the ball also has his direct responsibility Calabria partially continued the state of the previous game today. The reason why it is said to be a partial continuation is because some defensive choices make people feel that his self-confidence is a bit too much (or too reckless), and then he was overtaken. He’s clean (but it’s surprising that he can catch up occasionally), but at least he can hold the opponent’s main offensive, which is satisfactory Daniel’s substitution of Cologne is a change that no one would have expected. I thought it was going to change, but I didn’t expect to play 4231, which put Daniel in the front. In terms of tactics, I think he even performed better than Cologne. Bo is even better, maybe it will become a new plan during Ibrahimovic's absence?

今天将没有视频,让我们谈谈它 查哈诺格鲁今天证明,他没有依靠伊布拉希莫维奇打出出色的比赛。实际上,如果仔细观察他以前的比赛,就会发现他的问题不在他的能力yabo亚搏上,而在于保持非常不稳定的状态。如果他能稳定地保持自己的状态,他自然会表现出强大的竞争力 与凯西旁边的本·纳赛尔相比,凯西就像个神。她承担了进攻和防守转型的所有职责,并且做得很好。但是,本纳yabo亚搏赛(Ben Nasser)今天感到非常粗心。丢球也是他的直yabo亚搏网页版接责任 卡拉布里亚部分延续了今天上一场比赛的状态。之所以说它是部分延续,是因为一些防御性的选择使人们感到他的自信心有点过分(或太鲁)),然后就被他超越了。他很干净(但是偶尔能赶上他,这很令人惊讶),但是至少他可以控制对手的主要进攻,这是令人满意的 丹尼尔(Daniel)取代科隆(Cologne),这是没人料想的变化。我以为这会改变,但我没想到会玩4231,这使Daniel处于前列。在战术上,我认为他的表现甚至比科隆还要好。 Bo甚至更好,也许它将在Ibrahimovic缺席期间成为一项新计划?

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