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"Football News" wrote an analysis of Beijing Zhonghe Guoan's new aid Shunich, the article said: "Shunich and Luneng talked down because of salary; his ability to play is not as good as Jin Min."


The article said: "Shunich had almost joined Shandong Luneng Taishan before and even completed the medical examination, but ultimately failed due to personal salary differences. Beijing Zhonghe Guoan is willing to give Shunic an annual salary of 1.1 million euros. His current contract is three times the annual salary, which makes him unable to refuse."


"As far as Schunich's playing style is concerned, his frontal defense and header ability are reinforcements for Guoan, and his style of play is also relatively tough."


"However, Shunich's ability to throw the ball is not as good as Jin Minzai. Guoan's previous central defenders, Yu Dabao and Jin Minza, have good throwing ability and can usually help the team's offense."


"Now that Yu Dabao has become a substitute, and Jin Minya is close to leaving the team, Guoan may need to adjust its tactical style after introducing Shunich."


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