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Original title: Xu Can analyzes how strong Zhan Huang is in boxing! After finishing his physical fitness, Joshua Tyson can become the champion

原标题:徐灿分析詹黄在拳击中的实力!身体健康后,约书亚·泰森(Joshua Tyson)可以成为冠军

Xu Can is the WBA featherweight world champion, the only world champion in active service in China, and the record holder for the number of punches in a single game of featherweight (1562 punches). He previously launched a challenge on social media for 10 seconds. He punched 111 times in 10 seconds and shocked China and foreign countries. Even ESPN was impressed by Xu Can's punching speed. In February 2019, he was upgraded to a five-star boxing champion. In the same year, he successfully defeated challengers twice to defend his title. He has a stronger say in boxing than many others.


Recently, Xu Can analyzed the level of Lakers player LeBron James' boxing ability on personal social media. Of course, Chan is suspicious of traffic, because the Lakers are fighting the Nuggets in the NBA playoffs. LeBron James, as the 35-year-old in the league, has a burst of traffic. Chan interprets old Zhan’s boxing as well. A wave of traffic, but his analysis is very reasonable.

最近,徐灿在个人社交媒体上分析了湖人球员勒布朗·詹姆斯的拳击能力水平。当然,由于湖人队在NBA季后赛中与掘金队交战,Chan对此表示怀疑。勒布朗·詹姆斯(LeBron James),现年35岁,在联盟中排名很高。 Chanyabo亚搏网页版也会解释Zhan的拳击手。交通潮,但他的分析是非常合理的。



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